ODROID C2 S905 2GB RAM HDMI 2.0 $46
(2016-10-10, 12:14)gsmtech Wrote:
(2016-10-10, 12:04)Jeffers24 Wrote:
(2016-10-10, 11:56)gsmtech Wrote: BeeLink does NOT only support OpenElec. It supports LibreElec and there are excellent stable builds available for the S905 boxes (MiniMX, MiniMXv1, MiniMX III ) pop over to the Libre Elec website and check the forum Kszaqs LibreElec build makes budget boxes into fantastic Kodi devices. This why the Beelink MiniMX is so popular. OpenElec seems to be dead, LibreElec is very much alive kszaq and Alex/kerber are 2 of the developers who are producing builds of LibreElec for generic S905 devices.

What will I notice if I use LibreElec on my Beelink MiniMX111, difference between budget box and fantastic Kodi device?

You mean if you run LibreElec on both the budget device and the Premium device for Kodi usage ? probably nothing , this is the point... you'll also for budget boxes be able to have 2G RAM instead of 1GB on some "premium" devices useful if you have large libraries and a lot of thumbnails. The kodi experience on android full stop is poor compared to libreElec

It's the android OS where budget devices are badly supported, the manufacturers ship them with poor buggy andrid releases, so if you compared a premium device and a budget device when running android, the premium device will be much betetr because they have fixed issues such as audio passtrough etc etc.

Also some premium devices support Widevine L1 which is needed for HD Netflix... wetek for example.

Thanks for quick response, I cannot see any difference between what I do on my Beelink and my Minix.

My question was related to my Beelink.

When you say, "The kodi experience on android full stop is poor compared to libreElec", I would like to understand what benefits I would see if I run libreElec on my Beelink?

As you have said I could use an SDCard to make the Beelink dual boot to try out libreElec, if the benefits are attractive enough to me.
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