ODROID C2 S905 2GB RAM HDMI 2.0 $46
@wrxtasy - thanks.

I know that you had posted....

Quote:via HDMI-CEC control - Turn the TV off and get it to CEC - Signal C2 to shutdown. Turn TV on, C2 is signalled to startup.

and so I could use my Panasonic remote to switch off the TV and thus take advantage of that option as it will then power down the C2 to a state where I can use my remote to switch off power to the plug if needed. As mentioned this was needed for the Pi3 as it's IP address is still detected when powered down but not got the power removed from it.

The elegant solution for me for the very cheap cost is to just buy the C2 IR remote. I then get what I need, as sometimes I will want to power off the C2 but not the TV. The C2 IR remote will do just that, and at a very cheap cost.

I'll just add that to my basket Smile

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