ODROID C2 S905 2GB RAM HDMI 2.0 $46
(2019-02-02, 16:30)flappy81 Wrote: @wrxtasy Now that Leia is final, will you be doing a LE build of that, like you did with the "GUI options" build on Krypton?

It's been a little while. I've added the GPU overclocking options to latest CoreELEC Kodi Leia. No need for a custom version now.

If you want to update from LibreELEC to CoreELEC these are the Manual steps you can try:

Download the latest CoreELEC Kodi Leia nightly .tar HERE (click)

1) Untar the package and remove the SD card or eMMC from the C2 and plug into a PC/Mac

2) Manually copy to the SD/eMMC card the following files:
& Odroid_C2_dtb.img from the un-tarred folder

3) Rename KERNEL to kernel.img. Rename Odroid_C2_boot.ini to boot.ini. Rename Odroid_C2_dtb.img to dtb.img

4) Relabel the SD/eMMC card from LibreELEC to CoreELEC

That should auto upgrade Kodi Krypton to Kodi Leia when you first boot.

The config.ini file is now the one that has the CPU Overclocking options in it. I use 1.752GHz all the time.

If that does not work, start with a fresh CoreELEC install.

W. Smile

(2019-02-11, 13:59)JimmySmith2 Wrote:
(2018-11-28, 18:05)wrxtasy Wrote: It will not map HDR to SDR either so that type of video will output washed out color on a SDR display.
Does it means, that it could be used with HDR display?  I understand, that conversion HDR->SDR is not possible, but when HDR content and Display is available?
No that still will not work even if you have a HDR display.

The S905 chipset has no HDR support at all. 4K HDR content will output washed out colors with this chipset.

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