WeTek Play2 - 4K PVR - HD Audio - Dual Boot - Specs & Reviews
Be aware of limitations before you start:

The Play2 uses a Single Tuner only. Its really only for casual TV use only because if something is recording and you want to watch a TV channel that is on another MUX its going to be impossible. Then you also have Android to deal with. I'm not a fan of WeTek's new Android (Main Screen) Launcher either. Its too complicated for its own good.

I also still consider the WeTV App itself as Beta Software. There is no comprehensive Automatic EPG support like you would see in TvHeadend, users still report Audio glitches and its really not that user friendly an App. I gave up on it pretty quickly and still use TvHeadend.

Ironically the best TV implementation is found in the Android TV OS ROM from Ricardo because over there you can run TvHeadend in Android and then use Kodi Jarvis to view and record live TV with a friendlier user interface. Android Live Channels also works over there for TV viewing.

Also be aware Kodi Krypton has unreliable meg2 H264 deinterlacing for Live TV when used with TvHeadend. Recorded content seems fine however. You have to use Kodi Jarvis.

There is Netflix 5.1 Audio when using Ricardo's ATV ROM, but its a bit unreliable.
Reliable 5.1 Netflix comes with Android Marshmallow.

If you are serious about TV an external TvHeadend networked server with a Dual Tuner running LibreELEC Kodi makes a better, more flexible TV setup.
Modern Kernels on RPi's and Intel Hardware support all manner of TV Tuners.

You can then setup recording to your NAS. Android just comes with to many limitations once you talk about Networking and external recordings.

Personal opinion these days with AMLogic is Android should be left for Android Apps only. Once you start wanting TV Tuners and Networking and a really nice reliable version of Kodi Krypton where everything works. Then you should be using LibreELEC Kodi.

Easy Dual boot boxes are ideal for this. Smile


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