FYI- Wireless worked in my case

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I bridged two Orinoco AP-2000 access points together about 25ft apart. They both have wireless-g cards in them. I bridged the two together and I was able to stream my Xvids to the remote Xbox. I usually convert my movies at 1gig/hr at 720 wide. I had no trouble viewing them and I could even do quick advances and rewinds. Very stable.

For kicks, I tried to view a DVD iso file over wireless. Well, it didn't like that very much. I could only get to the main DVD menu but couldn't play the movie.


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yep it does work fine... I have a buffalo 125mb access point and a 125mb ethermet converter. Stream all movies and mp3 just perfect Big Grin

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to quote the irc bot
Quote:<xbmcfaq> wifi: Despite manufacturer's claims to the contrary, 802.11g products are generally not suited for streaming video. The problem is not speed, since enhancement techniques generally provide bandwidth to spare. The problem comes from 11g's use of the overcrowded 2.4GHz band.
<xbmcfaq> wifi: Most consumers just do not have a quiet enough RF environment to enjoy trouble-free wireless video. Audio streaming may be possible due to its very low (100's of kHz) bandwidth requirements, but again, success is highly dependent on environment.
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Been working a treat for me since 1st quarter of last yr with no probs at all, totally love it!
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