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[iOS App] SendToKodi

I created a small iOS App which allows you to share Youtube and Soundcloud links (from App or Browser) to Kodi.

Its very similar to the "PlayToKodi" extension for Chrome.

In Android this is possible with Yatse and since I have not found a solution for iOS I created this small App.

Currently only Youtube and Soundcloud is implemented but integration of more addons will follow.

Of course this app is free and without any ads.

Appstore LInk:

best regards
I have been waiting for an app like this! Thanks a lot! I', still running iOS 9.0.2 though, so it does not work for me unfortunately.. I assume this has to do with new options available to developers in later iOS builds?
actually this was the default setting of xcode.

i will adjust it to minimum version 9.0 in the next release.

i released a new version.

Supported Addons:
- Youtube
- Soundcloud
- Vimeo
- Twitch
- Mixcloud

+You can send to different hosts. (in app purchase)

also iOS 9 support Smile

I you like my App please leave a positive rating.

best regards
Thanks so much for this add-on, it works great! Any way to add a separate "add to queue" button that would add the video to the Kodi queue?
Thanks a lot. It works on iOS 9.3.5(iPhone6).

we released SendToKodi 1.3
in the pro version of SendToKodi we added a "add to queue/paylist" button.

currently the pro version contains:
-multiple hosts
-add to queue/playlist

by buying the pro version of our app you help us pay the apple developer fee

best regards

we released SendToKodi 1.5

you can now send Youtube playlists to Kodi.

Share Youtube Playlists:
- play the playlist directly or
- add the youtuble playlist to the Kodi playlist

best regards

in version 2.0 of SendToKodi we have created our own Kodi Addon which resolve almost any streaming link.
Our Addon uses youtube_dl a very popular multi-site parser, 30k stars on Github

Download Repository: https://github.com/firsttris/plugin.video.sendtokodi

When you install our Kodi Addon, SendToKodi automatically detects and uses our addon. (If the Addon is active)

Wich our Kodi Addon we are no longer dependet on any other Kodi addon (e.g. youtube, soundcloud). (because we resolve the stream links)
Our Addon is build continously on a weekly basis to always have the latest youtube_dl version included. If you install from repository it will update automatically.

I have created a small Chrome Extension which lets you send links to Kodi:
Download Webstore:
(only works if you have plugin.video.sendtokodi)

happy about feedback

best regards
Thank you very much for creating such a great addon! Being able to send video streams from almost anywhere to Kodi is an awesome feature indeed!
I’ve just purchased the iOS pro version as a way to say ‘thank you’ Smile

I just installed this addon and it worked for the first Youtube video that I sent from my iPad, but all videos after that failed. I checked the logs and this is the error.


Have I done something wrong? I am using a raspberrypi 2B running OSMC.

Thanks  Smile

Apologies I found this link and implemented the fix and it seems to be working:
Even with the fix applied in the utils.py of the youtube dl addon, I still get the error message under Leia Beta. Is there something else that needs to be done additionally?
AMD Ryzen 5 2400G
Gigabyte GA-AB350N ITX Gaming Wifi 
Ubuntu 18.04 LTS | Kernel 5.0 rc6 - Mesa3D 19.1 dev
Kodi v18 latest stable
Thanks a lot. App works nicely..
Is it working for Kodi 18 ?
1st: Mac Mini: Intel i5 2,6Ghz - 8Gb Ram - Intel Iris - 1Tb - MacOS Mojave 10.14.1 - Kodi 18RC5.2 - MySQL 8.0.13 (Server)
2nd: iMac 27": Intel i5 2,8Ghz - 12Gb Ram - AMD 5750 1024Mb GFX - 1.128 Tb FusionDrive - MacOS High Sierra 10.13.6 - Kodi 17.6 - MySQL (Client)
3rd: Some Rasperries 
Server: Synology 916+
I know its an old thread but is there a way to get it working under Kodi 18? When I send a youtube viar sendToKodi it seems to load the stream and opens youtube but then fails to play the video.
Any fixes available for this?
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