Win "Couldn't download information" "Unable to connect to remote server." errors
Hi All,

I see I'm not the only to have this problem, but it looks like each case is relatively unique. Here's the situation:

When I update Kodi's video library, I get an error message about 30 seconds into the process stating "Couldn't download information" "Unable to connect to remote server. Would you like to continue scanning?" If I press no, it goes away but I'm guessing certain files haven't been updated (though I don't see anything tangible in this regard). If I press yes, the error message pops up again in seconds.

Have tried disabling video scrapers but haven't had any luck there.

Here is my log:

Any help would be appreciated.

The machine is running Windows 7 with Jarvis 16.1, though this problem has been in place throughout v.14+.
I also get this message a lot! And i would just like to make the message not so irritating
Think you may have to paste the debug log again, I'm getting this [Whoops, looks like something went wrong.] from that link.

I should mention that the usual culprit in scanning is the scraper gets hung up on the nomencrature. To stop this behaviour, just set 'update liberary on startup' so it doesn't. Naming video files/TV shows (wiki) You might want to investigate TheRenamer (wiki) I've had great luck with it, and check some of the .rar or archive files that might be holding up the scan.

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"Couldn't download information" "Unable to connect to remote server." errors0
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