Kodi Music "Best Practice" Guide
(2016-08-07, 02:56)1marc1 Wrote: Brian,

Did you ever get your "The Essential Bob Dylan" in the library with songs tagged by the year they were released, rather than 2010? If so, can you share what you did to make that work?

(2016-05-23, 03:41)Brian B Wrote: 3) I am not opposed to doing additional scanning with Picard (but to elaborate more on the above answered by DaveBlake), when I have a greatest hits or best of album I don't care when that disc came out, for instance The Essential Bob Dylan is from 2010, but I put the individual years from the songs in the tags. I can then search for songs from 1965 and they will come up, correct? Can I use Picard or will it overwrite my song years on all these albums?

Thank you.


Well, it doesn't work in the way I'd like it to.

My process is:
1) rip using dbpoweramp
2) if problems, use EAC
3) tag using picard, but don't use graphics
4) use mp3tag for adding art and re-doing year manually

In kodi searching under year = doesn't work, i.e. songs don't show up
Under genre, i.e. Disco = no year option so doesn't work
Under song, sort by year = works but unwieldy due to song amount
Under album, select specific album = shows years for songs, so displays year correctly, but doesn't work in search

The Music Pump software I use on Android doesn't allow for searching by year, so I'm out of luck here too.

Using Kore you can go under songs list and do a search for a year by typing it in "1963" but then it doesn't work--all sorts of things pop up that aren't correct.

Kyra for Kodi (on iPad) only shows full albums in the year and not single or individual songs.

The solution that I know would work for me would be to add the year to the song title tag, but that seems like a pain and will clutter the display; however, that would enable simple searching by year.

Or, bite the bullet and learn how to use JRiver.

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