Multi Disc Albums (Box Set)
With the exception of artwork Kodi music library really doesn't mind what folder structure you use, the library uses the music file tags. Tag as fully as pssible and eventually Kodi will catch up with you - I'm working on it! But I am aware that there are current weaknesses with respect to disc sets (although it is not fresh in my mind).

(2016-06-19, 12:18)john.hind Wrote: 1. Can't get Kodi to recognise a box cover or individual images for each disc. As above the image from CD2 is displayed both in the album listing and as the image for CD1\track1 and CD2\track1 etc.
Allowing for individual art per disc of a set is an outstanding feature request. Currently only album/set art is supported, sorry.

Quote:2. Kodi seems to lump the tracks together so you get track1, track1, track2, track2, etc.
Sorting by track will use the disc number too. If you can't get that working then come back.

Quote:3. Kodi seems to require that each disc has the same name. Not that Musicbrainz is consistant but should each disc be tagged with the same album title, or with title:CD1 etc. Would the Disc Subtitle tag (TSST) be preferable?

Because of the lack of multi-disc art support some people treat each disc of a set as a separate album with the disc number in the title. However this is incompatible with using Musicbrainz Id tags, and could get in a knot if trying to import extra data from online sources. Personally I would accept the artwork issue (for now) and treat the disc set as a single album, hence all tracks are tagged with the same album title.

Kodi does not read TSST tag, but I will make a note to check it when I get back to tag improvement.

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