I want to use KODI on a RaspberryPi. Currently I don't have a Pi. I only test KODI on my Linux PC.

I want to use JSTV with KODI. It is a Japanes TV Streaming(?) Service. It is not a streaming service like netflix or amazone where you can select the content yourself. On JSTV your select the channels not the content.

I don't know any details about protocolls, dataformats or what even is possible with KODI.

So the questions would be:
  • Does someone of you have experience with JSTV on KODI?
  • What exact informations (protocol, codec, login, ...) I have to ask the JSTV-people to know how to setup KODI for it?
  • How is the paymet technical realizied. How does the streaming server know that the used box is own by a customer how has payed? Is there a simple loginname+password?
  • What is the correct term for that kind of technic (the "streaming" from JSTV) I have to look for?

Official (on the website) they support JSTV over a streaming box called "WD TV LIVE STB". I don't want to use it because I am more flexible with an own KODI on a Pi and I feel much saver. I think the WD-box will watch and track me.

Of course I ask JSTV themselfs for detailed infos. I will provide them here if they give me an answer.
I'm still looking big time for a Japanese channel list for Kodi
Sorry, I don't understand what you mean. Can you explain or repeate in other words? If Japanese is your native language you can try this, too.
I'd like to do the same (although it doesn't HAVE to be via a raspberry pi). I'd rather be running kodi on an existing device I own and control, rather than software I don't control on an extra device from JSTV. I'd like to use kodi to watch JSTV via a paid JSTV-i subscription with them.

Did you get anywhere with this? Did JSTV reply? Is it even possible?

Thank you.
Start from the beginning - is it available over the internet, as a legal and freely available channel or via a legitimate DRM controller subscription?

If so then perhaps someone may be interested and able to produce an add-on if you request it in the addons request sub forum.
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Thank you. The answer to your question is, "I'm not sure". Here's what I do know:

JSTV's website says that their JSTV-i service allows you to watch JSTV (several channels) over the internet, but that you need to use an STB provided by them to do so. When you sign up for JSTV-i with JSTV, they require you to specify a username and password. Once you've registered and they've sent you an STB, you need to enter those credentials into the STB to access the streams.

JSTV used to supply a WD TV Live set-top box, which presumably still works, but it looks like they have now switched to supplying an Amino STB. JSTV provide English and Japanese STB manuals (some of which are JSTV-specific, rather than generic to the STB).

I can't spot the Amino model number within the manual, but from the shape of the back of it shown in the picture, it looks like it may be an Amino A150, which says
Quote:Operating System Linux
Browser Opera SDK 3.6
Middleware SDK or JMACX interfaces
Security Verimatrix
The manual says that you shouldn't press the reset button on the device, since that will prevent JSTV from working anymore. This suggests that it is has been customized in some way to work with JSTV.

From the WD TV Live manual, it looks as if signing into the STB involves visiting an internet facing JSTV-i sign-in page. So, I presume that once you have a subscription, signing in provides some information, such as the location of the streams and keys to decrypt those streams in some form that the STB can understand, but I don't know what that is. Since I don't know what that form is, I don't know whether kodi would understand it. Given that two STB's on the market support it, I'd hope that it would be something pretty standard - but I don't know enough about these things to be sure.

I already pay for a satellite subscription. Ideally, I'd like to be sure that I could get it to work with kodi before deciding to switch that subscription to a JSTV-i internet subscription. If there is anything specific that I can ask JSTV to help determine whether this would be possible, such as whether they use a certain type of system/protocol/scheme that kodi already supports, please let me know, and I'll ask.

Thank you.
I'll move this thread to the addon request section to see if anyone fancies taking a look at it.
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JSTV continue to support their Amino box but stopped selling it in October 2019 - I got one bundled with a one year contract, it works as long as you ignore the invalid security certificate warnings on startup. They have also updated their back end systems, the Amino login seems to be on a legacy system now.


The new system supports iOS, standard browsers, and Amazon Fire TV https://www.jstv.co.uk/joining/jstvi/How..._Stick.pdf

Perhaps all a Kodi plugin needs to offer is a wrapper for the https://www.jstv.eu/#/player webpage? You might be able to get at the two video feeds (JSTV 1 & 2) directly, perhaps with UserAgent spoofing and a valid username/password - that would be ideal for a full screen experience.
Digging a little deeper on a computer and the Amazon FireTV stick, https://www.jstv.eu/assets/js/jstv.js uses JavaScript for the channel change (two text links above the video), and you have to click the full screen button bottom left of the video. This makes setup and toggling channel incredibly tedious via the Amazon remote.

I was hoping I could set the channel and full screen mode via the URL, and then save two shortcuts on the FireTV for the two live channels. A Kodi plugin could be much nicer...
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