How to have TMM use my posters and indicate it
we need to clarify some things (I think we speak a different language Wink )

a) tmm tries to detect as much as possible from importing your exisiting data. This is the file/folder name for detecting the movie name (and year). The existing artwork and any existing meta data from NFO files. All found data is stored in the internal tmm database and used for further operations.

b) when you scrape (getting meta data and artwork from the internet) you may do a search to find the right movie on the net (if you did not get any database id imported from filename/NFO) OR directly get any meta data using the detected id. You can only get meta data from the internet when there is any valid id from the meta data provider (like imdb or tmdb). Same is for artwork.

c) our results is just as good as the detected values (from file names and/or NFO import) and the results from the data providers in the internet

back to your points..

1.) there is no explicit option for that. If you don't want any poster get overwritten, I'd suppose you to (temporary) deactivate poster scraping in the movie options (just uncheck all poster file name options). If you scrape artwork right now, it will only download anything else than poster

2.) if you have two different poster with two different file names, tmm will find them both upon "update data sources" in the order the file system listing reports them (mostly in alphabetical order). tmm will take the first found for all operations (attention - renaming would drop the other ones, since there is/should only one poster per movie!)

2a.) right click on the movies, and choose "get meta data of selected movies" and uncheck anything but artwork (remember the hint from 1.) )
also be sure you've activated tmdb and as artwork providers in the settings - these are the best sources for artwork (there should be artwork for all popular movies, really old movies and/or local movies won't have any fanart in any source...)

4.) java (and most other IT systems) count time from 01.01.1970 in milliseconds. If no date is found, the object is created with the date 01.01.1970. This shouldn't be any problem, since it is only visible in the edit movie dialog??

6.) the i column indicates if there is meta data present for the movie (i.e. has a valid NFO file)

well, having bad scrape results can have different sources. But if you have valid imdb ids detected by tmm the only source for bad results would be the scraper itself. But without any examples I cannot do more - for my library at home there are only 2 movies which did not get detected by the scrapers..
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