How to have TMM use my posters and indicate it
Respond now to your response Smile

The 1901s are substituted when there is no match. Here again, I prefer blank (which is what 10% of the no-matches showed) vs. created data, i.e. the release date.

Sorry, didn't ask for shrinking windows. I was complimenting you that I could make the window smaller and get the file title and movie title fairly near each other.

In that some of my obscure content is old, a fair amount is lower than SD standards so a way to indicate it would be nice.

Are you saying runtime adds up all video content, i.e. the trailer is included in the runtime? I assume you mean the one on the media info page? In my perfect world, the scraper would identify the main video, i.e. the longest and display that runtime value. Even better, rather than going to the other tab, there could be two values next to each other. Expected RT based on what it scraped, next to it actual. Even when I fully minimize the view, there is a lot of space for cool new things, hint, hint...

Let me guess, at one time was there one less row in the data, on the screen? Meaning, when I minimize the screen to it's smallest, it cuts off the bottom row, the movie file. As if the minimum height was set prior to the current data height?

Going back to my three versions of the one movie. You mentioned the info displayed on the Details screen is either what it summed up or what it scraped? Is that why they are inconsistent? I only have IMDb marked as a movie scraper. It shouldn't be grabbing info from different places for the identical movie in 3 different folders.

As mentioned, there are two values we should care about, if only for curiosity sake. The runtime of the movie and what the scraper (IMDb) thinks it should be. Would the average person care, when looking for a movie to watch, what else is in the folder, i.e. bonus material, etc. I only want to be up for one more hour, I want to find a one hour movie Smile

and one more anomaly I found.... A movie with the fanart checkmark that didn't have a poster or fanart. blank, nada, zilch, zero,

Just finished figuring out my quarterly sales tax...what a headache... thanks for putting up with this old curmudgeon Smile

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