How to have TMM use my posters and indicate it
Guess I wasn't aware of or knew how to use the confidence setting, my ignorance there.

Re: scrapers in general....seems a wide variety of search tools, such as IMDBs own search, will not get a hit on movies and actresses that are in the database. When I assume something is in IMDb and a IMDb search doesn't find it, I just go to Google and find it, meaning Google does a better job of searching IMDb then it does itself. Seems they have two things in their algorithm, a. that is so obscure, they couldn't really be looking for that, 2. it is adult, we don't want to let them find it.

I mentioned that when I gave TMM the 2900 movies to consume, there were about 20 no dates, about 185 1901s. Those 200 titles didn't have any kind of a hit....but as I mentioned, they all had a checkmark for info...despite it didn't get a scrape of anything to identify the video. All it knows is what it gathered from the name and whatever sleuthing it can do in the folder or header. In my mind, *i* nfo should mean there is "added" info, i.e. a dBase hit when scraped. Those 200 titles were blank as I remember. I went through the 2000 and identified them so they are no longer in my list.

Nothing in the log would show it creating a 1901, but something in the condition the info is left in creates the blank or 1901 year.

Because I want you to know I am trying to help, not just fuss about stuff, I added a folder of non-dBase content....A dozen folders with about 15 titles. I will try to attach a screencap showing the results.

Still not getting the runtime thing...I didn't input a runtime length, yet the same video showed three vastly different runtimes on the details page.
136, 93, and 100. Two of the folders had the same video (97 min), and no other video content to confuse with the main movie. That means the runtime value came from something other than those 3 things. Now I am going to try and add a jpg.

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