[Release] Lifx Ambilight Addon for Kodi
(2016-10-18, 17:37)soljarag Wrote: Thanks for the Add-On!

One request for the Theater Mode...

is there any way to have an additional light group for Theater Mode? I have a few lights in my room that I want completely off for the movie and others that I want dimmed.... Here would be my ideal working:

I have 4 ceiling lights, and 3 Table Lamps. At night I usually have my 3 table lamps on, and my 4 ceiling lights are off.

When I start the movie, I want my 4 ceiling lights to turn on to a specific Dim level immediately. And I want my 3 table lamps to Dim to 0% over 60 seconds.

You could have like---
Light Group 1: Dim at Play ____ DIm At Pause ___ Transition Time ____
Light Group 2: Dim at Play ____ DIm At Pause ___ Transition Time ____

or something like that....

This is not currently possible, but this is a great suggestion. I will keep that in mind and see how best to implement it.
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