All I want is an EPG
Trying to cut the cable cord and go with IPTV through KODI.

I have a channel list and it works but I can't get a guide. So now I'm here.

I think this is how it works but my head is spinning from following one link to another with endless videos.

I setup NextPVR on my windows 10 box. Done
I get a SD account. Done
I configure everything then point the nextPVR client on kodi to the backend and voila. Huh?

If this is right how do I integrate the SD account and Next? I watched a video but they already had the channels listed, and just needed to point to SD to update the guide.
For setting up your epg on nextpvr, go ask in the nextpvr support channels.
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NextPVR is for people using a physical TV tuner or other video capture device. It isn't for users trying to watch/record channels from the Internet using IPTV. For that you'd need some other backend (and Kodi addon).

In case your post title was accurate, and you really were just trying to add an EPG to channels you're getting elsewhere - NextPVR can only supply EPG for channels you're getting from NextPVR. It can't supply an EPG for channels from some other IPTV PVR addon - Kodi can only look for an EPG from the addon that is supplying the channels.
NextPVR and IPTV plug-ins do not play nice together, I've tried!!

EPG guides for IPTV are available, although not through SD. Start reading IPTV forums for how to connect up a guide. They are hit and miss though, works maybe 10-20% of the time. Same with the IPTV service.

I have great success with this one: 282157 (thread) you can add your npvr channels via favorites and use WebGrab++ to grab the guide data. You may need to use additional data providers like

This works 100% for me combining OTA, IPTV and clear qam cable.
@donbrew, excellent little addon. Will have to give it a try this weekend! I have NextPVR, IPTV and OTA channels. Tough to get them all at once integrated.


Can the WebGrab+ be used to integrate into SD? I've not found an .ini file which allows this yet?
Might wanna try PsuedoTV Live that can use IPTV from what ive heard
Go to and use PVR IPTV Simple Client for your IPTV and EPG.
It's the easiest solution.
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All I want is an EPG00