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Kodinerds Repo
Nice, thanks
Is it just me or is 'Last Played' , which is awesome, missing from the list.
Is it discontinued..?
Last Played? on what Plugin
are you planning to add inputstream.rtmp support for windows?
(2017-01-10, 22:59)L0RE Wrote: Last Played? on what Plugin
Sorry, my bad.
LP is in the ' 5star' repo
This is from the first post on this thread from LORE.
The Repo Can be Found Here:

I am having trouble getting this repo. I am trying to add this site address to my sources then install from zip. But when trying to unzip there is nothing there. Can someone give me some advice because i am obviously doing something wrong.
Does anyone know how to contact Jugger to request features for the Destiny skin?
My Favourite skins:
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