Adult streaming plugin pack: RedTube & YouP0rn
Here is a pack of two adult streaming plugins. You need at least 2007-10-15 SVN rev10538 T3CH to use these. Remember that you can choose a different player core via context menu if something refuses to play. Youporn needs a little longer because it has to read every video url from a different html document that has to be downloaded. Here it is:
nearly forgot: took most of the code from the joox plugin and the uitzendinggemist redtube plugin (thanks!).
it doesn't work for me , i get an error "list index out of range"
steve2493 Wrote:it doesn't work for me , i get an error "list index out of range"

Same here.......:confused2:
it's a PLUGIN, not a SCRIPT. you put it to the scripts folder, hmm?
yep, it displays a "Next" link. I used this regex (sorry for the escaping mess, it somehow didnt want to work and i lost my nerve):
r"\<a\ class\=p\ href\='(http\:\/\/www\.redtube\.com[^\?]+\?page\=\d+)'>(Next)\<\/a\>",re.DOTALL)
Both plugins work fine for me
Cheers for them pronsharer! Smile
how do u use these then?
steve2493 Wrote:how do u use these then?

by getting the latest T3CH bleeding edge version and reading the friendly manual (RTFM).
Right. I'm using XBMC-SVN_2007-10-07_rev10457-T3CH to start from. I ftp'd both plugins (folders) to Q:\plugins\video\. Then I've added up new sources in xbmc > Movies tab (when I was showing the new plugins directory, I just pointed where they are, whitout clicking ok on them - don't know it that makes any difference, but that what I did Wink ) .. well that's it actually, Good luck! Smile

It doesn't function.

i did what u said but.after adding source..i open the movie tab i can only chosse home.dat which have Zero KB.
thanx i made it!!!!

heavy to explain ...but it runs
also the ZDF Mediathek
Weird.. the file dissapeared... could someone upload it somewhere again (a tip: don't go with rapidshare)

pornhubs died. you just get a picture saying this video's only for free at

not that i was looking you understand Laugh
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Adult streaming plugin pack: RedTube & YouP0rn00