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Change word Kodi in logo from Kodi
Is it possible when you use the vertical menu to change the word KODI into the logo Kodi? (Kodi Jarvis) Top left. I am using the Kodi Texture tool but can't find it
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Maybe this is better, so you can see wnat I mean. I want there the Kodi logo
You should be able to change the label name on line # 682 from Kodi to whatever you want in the Includes_Vertical_Home.xml. The pic below illustrates this. I use the Notepad+ + tool to alter Amber's .xml files.

Thank you so very much. Can I place there a link to a image?
(2016-10-05, 20:32)misa Wrote: Thank you so very much. Can I place there a link to a image?
Not sure what you mean by placing a link to an image. Just changing the label name text from Kodi to XBMC for example is about all you can do on line # 682.



Keep in mind that if you do this that you will have to redo the Includes_Vertical_Home.xml each time the Amber skin is updated.
Instead of plain text a Kodi logo I mean.
Oh, Gotcha! That would have to be developed by the Amber developer as this type of option obviously does not exist at this time. I would not mind seeing this as an option in a future Amber skin update if he is at all interested.
(2016-10-05, 20:46)misa Wrote: Instead of plain text a Kodi logo I mean.

For Kodi branding do they only use the full wordmark? or is the brand mark or other types of logos used anywhere?

Im trying to pull together a bunch of small icons at the moment. But can't find any .png files that are large enough. i need like 600px wide.

Is there a brand guide line or media kit live anywhere?

CHeers, SamA

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Change word Kodi in logo from Kodi0
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