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I'm currently collecting XTags of players who want to play Ghost Recon 2 (normal GR2) on XLink Kai. It was a really popular title on Kai but now quite nobody plays it anymore. Remember the old days when there were over 100 players in Ghost Recon 2 and online gaming was free. (I hate Xbox LiveEek)

Here's my list of Ghost Recon 2 players:

Players:]Maturion (Germany)[/url]

FLOK (USA - California)

[ (USA-Texas)[/url]

Feel free to post your XTag here.
XLink-XTag: Maturion XBConnect-ID: Maturion

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i'm not very good but i'll play ..
I'm not that great either, but I'll play. I don't have the downloadable maps from xbox live though.


The only game that anyone plays on the Xlink Kai service is Halo 2. playing somthing else would be nice for a change.
Geeessssss I wish they had made Half Life 2 a network game on Xbox! Sad
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