HOW-TO create video preview thumbnails automatically

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Ok - another revision of the script, setting the time when the tbns are created to 2 mins into the movie, and checking if the tbn already exists, so that only new tbns are created.

ls *.wmv *.avi *.mkv *.ogm *.mpg | while read file; do
if [ ! -f  "${file:0:${#file}-3}tbn" ]; then
   ffmpeg -itsoffset -120 -i "$file" -vcodec mjpeg -vframes 1 -an -f rawvideo "${file:0:${#file}-3}tbn" </dev/null
chmod og+w *

If the movie has been stored in XBMC before, the new tbns are only used by XBMC, if the information for all episodes is updated in XBMC.
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joebrady Wrote:Yea, that's on my agenda for tonight. Too bad tvdb doesn't have a section for "Chilly Willy" cartoons tho....

It does now. Added it myself. Now if we can get someone to make some banners...
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Hate resurrecting an old thread, but I am trying to use the following batch file to create my thumbnails on my windows system, and I am getting empty tbn images with mkv files and tbn images that are hundreds of mb with avi files:

set FFMPEG=C:\Users\Kevin\Stuff\ffmpeg\ffmpeg.exe
set THUMB="%%~di%%~pi%%~ni.tbn"
set MAKETHUMB=%FFMPEG% -i "%%i" -f mjpeg -t 0.001 -ss 10 -y %THUMB%

set FILES="*.mkv" "*.avi"

for /r %1 %%i in ( %FILES% ) do if not exist %THUMB% %MAKETHUMB%

I am passing "F:\Test" as the %1 parameter in the above file

I have even tried just using the following and I am still get empty tbn files for mkv an huge tbn files for avi:

for %i in (*.avi) do ffmpeg -i "%i" -f mjpeg -t 0.001 -ss 5 -y "%~ni.tbn"

for %i in (*.mkv) do ffmpeg -i "%i" -f mjpeg -t 0.001 -ss 5 -y "%~ni.tbn"

Any ideas?

::EDIT:: Well I just upgraded to the latest static build of ffmpeg for windows and my avi problem is fixed, but the mkv tbn is still coming up as zero.
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set MAKETHUMB=%FFMPEG% -i "%%i" -f mjpeg -vframes 1 -ss 10 -y %THUMB%

I think this will work. Thanks for the windows port btw! I'm running the script every time my HTPC wakes op from sleep to fill in missing thumbnails.
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(2007-11-15 07:40)Calmiche Wrote:  Okay, I just found out about one of these and the other one I wrote. If you have seen them before, then don't complain. They are new to me.

Creating XBMC Thumbnails Automatically

I wanted to have thumbnails for all my television episodes. (All my episodes are on my windows PC, sheared over my network.) Instead of downloading each file individually, I found a tip on the XBMC wiki page.

1. Download this file:

2. Extract that file (Including the DLL) into your \\Windows\System32 folder.

3. Open up a command prompt window in the root folder of your television shows and then type this command

for /r %i in (*.avi) do ffmpeg -i "%i" -f mjpeg -t 0.001 -ss 5 -y "%~di%~pi%~ni.tbn"

You can replace the (*.avi) with different file formats, including mp4, divx, rmvb, ogm and rm.

This will open up your episodes, skip 5 seconds in, take a screen shot, rename it to *.tbn and then go to the next file. It will also do any sub folder.

Seeing *.tbn files in Windows Explorer

I bet that you know that you can go into a folder in Windows XP, switch to Thumbnail view, and be presented with an icon of the first screen from a movie. It works for images as well. Unfortunately, it doesn't work for *.tbn files. Until now, that is.

1. Create a new text document.

2. Paste the following block of text into it.



3. Rename the file so that the extension is .reg (I named mine "tbn thumbnails.reg")

4. Double-click the file and you are all set. Windows XP will now see TBN thumbnails as images and create a windows thumbnail for them. You can see them in your folders on your computer.
<? php
exec ('for / r C :/ xampp / htdocs / public / uploads /% i in (*. flv, *. avi, *. mp4) do ffmpeg-i "% i"-f mjpeg-t 0.050-ss 20 -y "% ~ di% ~ pi% ~ ni.jpg" ')
This record Thumbnail in C :/ xampp / htdocs / public / uploads /
Thumbnail How to write in C :/ xampp / htdocs / public / uploads / thumb /
sorry for bad English.
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