[REQUEST] Hulu (hulu.com) plugin or script
Where is this second patch - is it up on trac?
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yes you can find it here
Is this possible with the latest T3CH build (T3CH XBMC 2008-10-06 SVN rev15805-BETA2)?
im sorry im new to this after downloading were do i place the patch
From what I understand - there still is no way to play Hulu via XBMC (even with the new support for RTSP) - at least until someone comes up with a script to do so - is this correct?
Grab the PlayOn Media server from Media Mall (http://www.themediamall.com/playon) it's not free but it will stream HULU, Netflix and a few other sites to the xbox via PC.
Yeah - that is what I use right now....made me keep that old PC I was going to sell, but works nicely.
Now that Boxee has support for Hulu, is there any way to look in to how they accomplished integrating it and add it to XBMC?
First let me say that this is a thread on Hulu web site streaming to XBMC. From reading this thread I see that RTPM is fixed in XBMX for xbox. is there a script that will pull either your personal current list in hulu (from your logon) or present by tv show/new/ect like other youtube scripts did.

On another note, I am very sad to see this "PlayOn" being mentioned everywhere. yes I downloaded and took a look... it is great that it works with netflix... but come on.... $30 F$[email protected]# dollars for a BETA!!!!! please do note that this is only a beta and not even a fully functioning release. I do understand why it is only windows based since the DRM has to be run through windows but where is the opensource freeware application that does the same thing. first I don't like to pay for betas... I didn't do it for Microsoft (an established company that I felt would be around a LONG time) and I would not do it for a small company that I has a sketchy life span.

Sorry for the small rant but it is tough to stoamch all this talk about a beta that you have to pay for.

Have a Great DAY,

PS really a Hulu script for xbmc would be great!!!
I just saw this also. Im sure this wouldn't be added until the freeze is over...
I understand the rant, but it is a time limited free beta - no need to pay to test it out. And we might have an issue getting an Open Source version - since we are dealing with DRM...

But, Hulu by itself should be doable now...
I posted a Win32 build of XBMC with the patch from ticket #5159 here. Using the sample plugin on the trac page I was able to stream the file with no problem (except for the buffer time). Hopefully this will help along a great new plugin.

Ohh yeah... this build also has the fanart screensaver patch included...
Here is a fixed version of Win32 XBMC (rar didn't work?) with patchs 5100 (Fanart as screensaver option), 5159 (Allow plugins to set SWFPlayer for RTMP urls - enables Hulu) and 5246 (Fix hang at end of RTMP stream).


Going forward you can find my builds here :: http://www.mediafire.com/?sharekey=6bb54...9daf04d0be
Has anyone done a plugin for linux yet? Would be an awesome addition
Awesome, thanks so much MPauley! Is there a beta script out for the hulu stuff yet? I'm guessing no since the team is still focused on Atlantis final release and it's in a feature freeze.
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