Why on Earth my LIbrary is faulty? How to tag?
Ok, probably because I am a senior citizen (my excuse) but I cannot see why so many of the albums in my music library do not come up in searches and so many others do. I think that is because some tags are missing, but how do I get the tags added? Do I have to do this outside of kodi?
1. I know how to add music folders to the library
2. I have all my music on drives connected to Rasp pi2 via usb
3. I have set them to use universal album scraper when I scan the contents of the drives to the library
4. When I select one of the drives (and all the music folders on it) and hit scan to library, is this adding all the tagsHuh? Obviously not because it is hit and miss which ones will be later found in library searches.

Do I have to add the drives using "add music" and then scan to library?
I have read the wiki and so forth but am still having a series of "senior moments" . I would be grateful for advice on how to get tags read and added to my files on my hard drives by using kodi online so that they then will show up properly in libary searches.
Thanks so much.
Lots of questions there, so I'll pick a couple and see if this helps!

Yes, you need to tag your files separately, and yes, you do that outside of Kodi. For manual tagging, I use EasyTAG, although many people here swear by MusicBrainz Picard for bulk updates.

Once your files are tagged, you add the containing drive/directory as a source, and then scan them into the library. That doesn't affect your files at all: it uses the embedded tag information to identify the albums and artists and look up metadata (images, biographies, reviews, discographies, whatever) to make it all look suitably beautiful in Kodi.
Thank you very much. So to be clear, if I took my drives and connected them to a laptop and then went online I could use EasyTAG or MusicBrainz Picard to tag all the albums with missing info. Then I would reconnect them to Pi and Update the library again using Kodi. That is do-able, though I have 2 terabytes of albums. I guess that is going to take a while. I know the library scan will take the better part of a day itself.
Yes - you'll want to look at Picard for bulk, though, EasyTAG is more for individual tags/files, and is certainly more manual.

To prove the point, rather than investing all the time up front, I'd choose half-a-dozen albums by different artists and then tag/scan those initially. Whether that works or not at least allows you to figure out the workflow you need, and get used to any applications.

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Why on Earth my LIbrary is faulty? How to tag?0
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