Kodi subtitles not working

I had OpenSubtitles.org addon working until the recently. i saw and tried the recent fix , removed the old
OpenSubtitles.org add on , installed update zip with new addon called OpenSubtitles.org by OpenSubtitles

then Created the account on OpenSubtitles.org
, in my settings in the addon I put in my verified user name and password
I get the menu to choose the subtitles , they are not appearing on the screen

anyone have suggestions or other working subtitle addons ?
also tried subscene.com

kodi Jarvis 16.1
i also did these settings and enabled subtitles in exodus. not sure what else to try

Open Kodi
Select SYSTEM > Settings
Select Video
Select Subtitles
Select Preferred subtitle language
Choose your language
Select Languages to download subtitles for
Select your language again. You can also select others as backup just in case subtitles aren't available. I use Swedish but I also choose English as a backup
Select OK when you have chosen the languages you want
Select Default TV show service
Select Get more...
Choose a subtitle service. I recommend OpenSubtitles
Select Default movie service
Select the Subtitle service you have installed
Now when you start watching content open the media controls and select the Subtitle Icon
Select Download
Choose your preferred subtitle choice
Your content will now play with your chosen subtitles
if you updated via the zip you wont get updates
a new update is now on the kodi repository
so I suggest to remove the add on
and install the latest from the repository that should work
as for subtitles i have been having troubles with podapisi and opensubtitles
open subtitles works sort of consistent
but podnapisi is just a no go rarely works if ever why i dont know i left a message in thir thread but no answer

thanks do you have a link exactly where i can find the opensubtitles in the kodi
repositories or a repository name ? thanks
Go into add-ons and search for it.
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went to kodi.tv.addons and installed newest opensubtitles , still no subtitles on the screen. not sure what else to do
What is kodi.tv.addons?
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i uninstalled kodi and put on only my most used add ons. subtitles work now
guessing i had some add on conflict although not
sure which one as i had many unused add ons

this thread can be closed
not here its not working
fixed my subtitles a very long time ago
i don't know exactly what it was although i had a large number of unused addons. i did a fresh start and only installed what i needed and then subtitles work. probably some software conflict. regards
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