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[Android] Amazon FireTv Stick Krypton - 32-bit or 64-bit
Made this acct to say if you have ADB (android device bridge) installed, you can go to your computer

open cmd.exe or terminal (in mac)

connect to fire
Quote:adb connect [ip of fire]

Quote:adb shell getprop

look for

whichever one has a processor listed is the type that you have
(2017-03-31, 20:52)JxPx Wrote: Moe123 gives a precise answer to the OP question and then gives a recommendation to test versions and see what works and what doesn't work. Moe123 wasn't being condescending or rude in any way. 
If that is all Mo did, then we wouldn't be talking about it. Mo implied that the OP was lazy (Is it so much trouble to test...). Chrissi rightly called him out on this. It definitely was rude. Can you see the difference between this:
"Is it so much trouble to test both versions and make your own conclusion?"
versus this:
"You could just try testing both versions and see what works."

One is rude. The other isn't. One is a question that implies laziness. The other is a mere suggestion. Of course, I'd say the latter is also not that helpful and doesn't answer the question either, but at least it's not rude.
(2017-03-31, 20:52)JxPx Wrote: You may also have been referred to that section because your original post to Moe123, in my humble opinion, is an example of "forum trolling."
The fact DarrenHill referred Chrissi to read the forum rules to begin with was absurd. He didn't even give a reason why. When asked for clarification from Chrissi what the reason was, he apparently let you answer for him. Your answer, I think, was wholly unsatisfying. To both you and DarrenHill, I suggest you learn the difference between constructive criticism and forum trolling because you clearly do not know the difference. She simply explained what Mo123 did well, how he was rude, and reminded him what it's like to be new at something. What's the problem again?
(2017-03-30, 19:54)DarrenHill Wrote: Firstly there is a key on the right hand side of your keyboard called the return key. It makes things more readable.
And how does this snide comment align with the forum rules exactly? If politeness is the order of the day and you'd like someone to do something for you, generally people begin with "please." "Please use your return key. It makes things more readable." Perhaps you need to go back and read the forum rules yourself.
The whining thread is closed.
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