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Just deleted music db and rescan them, got a bunch of unrecognized XipComment. Any plan to support them, such as TOTALDISCS, TOTALTRACKS?

DEBUG: unrecognized XipComment name: ALBUMARTISTSORT          
DEBUG: unrecognized XipComment name: ARTISTSORT                
DEBUG: unrecognized XipComment name: ASIN                      
DEBUG: unrecognized XipComment name: BARCODE                  
DEBUG: unrecognized XipComment name: CATALOGNUMBER            
DEBUG: unrecognized XipComment name: DISCTOTAL                
DEBUG: unrecognized XipComment name: FILEOWNER                
DEBUG: unrecognized XipComment name: ISRC                      
DEBUG: unrecognized XipComment name: MEDIA                    
DEBUG: unrecognized XipComment name: ORIGINALDATE              
DEBUG: unrecognized XipComment name: ORIGINALYEAR              
DEBUG: unrecognized XipComment name: RELEASECOUNTRY            
DEBUG: unrecognized XipComment name: RELEASESTATUS            
DEBUG: unrecognized XipComment name: SCRIPT                    
DEBUG: unrecognized XipComment name: TOTALDISCS                
DEBUG: unrecognized XipComment name: TOTALTRACKS              
DEBUG: unrecognized XipComment name: TRACKTOTAL
That looks like default Picard tagging to me, and yes the debug does list those tags it finds that Kodi isn't processing (yet), but it is not something to worry about.

I am currently working on making use of ALBUMARTISTSORT and ARTISTSORT (and COMPOSERSORT)
I have plans to do something with ORIGINALYEAR AND ORIGINALDATE

As for the rest you list, and any custom tags (since in Vorbis you can have any tag you like, and I guess TXXX in ID3 allows the same, I am in two minds. I had been warming to the idea of Kodi supporting custom tagging both from within the music files but also via nfo files or managed in UI, but when I look at that list of tags it makes me think we could end up filling the library with unwanted junk.

How many users will ever use ASIN, BARCODE or IRSC to help them choose what to play?

DISCTOTAL = TOTALDISCS, TRACKTOTAL = TOTALTRACKS, and both pieces of infomation can be derived from the library and don't need to be held per song.

Given that users are likely to have tagged with more tags than they actually have any use for I now think that any custom tag processing facility will need the user to specify the tags they want Kodi to process.

That is my plans as far as they go, but of course others may disagree or have something to add.
Thanks! I think there is no need to support tags like ASIN, BARCODE or IRSC. But tags like DISCTOTAL and TOTALDISCS, both should be supported. I'm not sure, but according my test, if only TOTALDISCS is present, Kodi don't recognize the total disc count, so it can't show things like "Disc 1 of 3", but only show "Disc 1".
Support for disc sets is pretty much non-existent, and as far as I can tell Kodi can never show "Disc 1 of 3" no matter how you tag. It is something to consider when looking at improving Kodi handling of disc sets. Something on a long list of music work (calling it a plan is far too grand).

Making notes (for anyone to pickup if looking at this work), while Vorbis has separate tags for DISCNUMBER and TOTALDISCS, ID3 tags only have a TPOS tag that could contain "1/5" (meaning CD1 of 5) instead of just an integer. But also possible that some tagging software adds a TXXXBig GrinISCNUMBER custom tag. Kodi expects TPOS to be a simple integer. I have yet to test what happens when it isn't - maybe Taglib handles that for us?
Thanks! When set tag "DISCNUMBER" to something like "1/3" with mp3tag, Kodi can show "Disc 1 of 3". But when I retag songs with MusicBrainz Picard, it reset the the DISCNUMBER = 1 and set TOTALDISCS = 3, and Kodi only show "Disc 1" now. It's convenient to support this.
I obviously need to do some testing because I didn't know (and can't see how) Kodi can show "Disc 1 of 3". But thanks for pointing this out.
(2016-12-23, 16:25)DaveBlake Wrote: I have plans to do something with ORIGINALYEAR AND ORIGINALDATE

This would be great!! I have many examples of multiple releases of the same album in my collection... remastered version, remixed version, deluxe edition, anniversary edition, SACD stereo, SACD multichannel, etc. Being able to see both dates would be super useful. Thanks!  
(2016-12-24, 05:22)xodi Wrote: Thanks! When set tag "DISCNUMBER" to something like "1/3" with mp3tag, Kodi can show "Disc 1 of 3". But when I retag songs with MusicBrainz Picard, it reset the the DISCNUMBER = 1 and set TOTALDISCS = 3, and Kodi only show "Disc 1" now. It's convenient to support this.

When I set "DISCNUMBER" to something like "1/3", I never see Kodi show "Disc 1 of 3". It does correctly store the disc number along with the track, so can show "Disc 1", but I don't see it store the disc total nor display it. Perhaps it is a skin thing, what skin is showing you "1 of 3"?

I'm up for adding the total disc tag processing, but confused by your claim about what Kodi does.
I'm always using the Estuary MOD from http://forum.kodi.tv/showthread.php?tid=267343. Never know it's a skin issue. I see the "Disc 1 of 3" when playing a song with full screen.
When playing..... but not on song info dialog?

You see the total number of discs simply does not get stored in the db. The disc number gets stored with track number, so we do know track 1 of disc 1 but not how many discs in the set. But playing could be processing the tag data differently to the way scan to lib does.

Quite a little nugget this one Smile

Installed Estuary Mod skin, still don't see "disc 1 of 3", screen shot please.
I'm sorry but I can't get this "Disc 1 of 3" anymore. I remembered clearly it shows this some times ago, very weird.
Well if it comes to you, or reappears, do let me know.

Any other details or clues? It was while playing, was it definitiely Esturay Mod or possibly an earlier version of Kodi and a different skin? Was it with mp3 files and not FLAC?

Regardless I take the feature requirement for storing disc total, and making a info label for it so that skins can display "Disc x of y" (but whether skins then do that is up to the skinner).

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