Linux - kodi - Starting in background??

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asjsandro Offline
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Guys! I have a question: is it possible to initiate a Kodi in a service mode (background)? I have a Kodi's server running on Ubuntu and I want to share the songs and movies to run on the user's player...(cellphone, desktop, etc)
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nickr Offline
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Kodi is not a server. Share via smb or nfs.

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FernetMenta Offline
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There are still some iterations to go until we will have headless Kodi. But this is on the roadmap.
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gregorywest Offline
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I am looking at Kodi as a supliment, or a replacement to Plex. From what I am reading Kodi is not there yet, it is far closer to a player than a media server. Or am I totally off base here?
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da-anda Offline
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Kodi is a media center/player, that can share it's library via UPNP. But it's not a standalone server software as of yet.
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