v16 Selecting 'Music' results in 10-15 minute wait for library list to populate

I currently have Kodi 16 installed on a Raspberry Pi 3. On my server I have a rather large collection of music, easily 10-20k songs, that I point my Kodi too. Whenever I turn on the Pi and select 'Music' I have to wait a good 10 or 15 minutes before the songs populate the list. After that they play fine, but the list population takes awhile. Are there any settings that can speed this up? Correct me if I am wrong, but shouldn't Kodi keep this list after the initial population of it, in a local database? If that is true, then is this just the result of having a large database that takes awhile for the Pi3 to load, even locally?
There is a known flaw in Kodi's fundamental design that means that is is slow at loading large lists of songs. It is not a db issue, although often mistaken as one, but the way in which Kodi populates structures in internal memory from from db results dataset before it displays even the first page.

The user work around is to treat Kodi differently to say the way you would use say Winamp looking at all your songs in one long list. Make use of the library features, and use filtering by genre, year, artist etc. to target the songs you see.
Thank you for the information, do you know if there are any add-ons that mitigate this issue, and load songs at a quicker pace?
No, that is not possible. If an addon created a long list of items it would be even slower to display.

It sounds like you have songs as the deafult node on entry to the music library (it remembers the last one used). Try looking at genres, years, or artists, or albums instead. Of if you want to randomly play songs use Party Mode, or make other smart playlists. There are plenty of ways to use Kodi that don't involve loading a list of 20k songs into the display.

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Selecting 'Music' results in 10-15 minute wait for library list to populate0
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