Can MythTV install on my android TV box?
Hi everyone,
I have an android TV box (X9S).
It views and records TV via HDMI in/out.

What I would like to do is install MythTV primarily to use its commercial skip/delete function on recordings that the X9S records.

Whenever I go to try and install MyTV addon for kodi, it starts talking about front-end/backend.
Seeing that the X9S plays back live TV (Connected to my dish receiver) and records as well, isn't the X9S already front end and backend?
I am not understanding how to get MythTV installed.. (or any auto skip/delete commercial application for that matter would do, but I cant find any for android)

Thanks for any help!
The MythTV addon for Kodi is the front-end. It needs a MythTV backend to do the recordings, manage the databases, etc. Your X9S is not a MythTV backend (and neither is your dish receiver). So, unfortunately, the MythTV addon won't help you.

I'm not sure if one of the other Kodi TV addons can play back dish tv recordings or not. Somebody else will have to chime in on that.
Yes, Kodi is working as a player and the X9S is doing the actual recordings (not Kodi).
I dont have kodi setup as a PVR because I am on limited bandwidth, so no online videos.
All movies are on a HDD (3000+) and dish network gets recorded via the X9S HDMI recording app.

A while back I had MythTV installed on another system but could never get the audio to work right
If I remember right it had something to do with the mother board.

Any app that would work on android that can scan/detect/delete etc.. commercials that are recorded files on the HDD (From the HDMI in of the X9S)
would be what I want. They are .TS or can be mp4 recordings. I just figured that MythTV would be the easiest way to go.. Just use MythTV for commercial
deleting, nothing else... So I was thinking if I can just get it installed, maybe I can use this function, not caring if the rest of the MythTV installation works or not.

Thanks again for your help.
You might be better off looking for a comskip app specifically for android (or windows?). It seems like overkill trying to use MythTV just for comskip.

Or maybe buy an RPi3 and have it do the comskip in linux.
What Doug said!
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