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Mod Estuary MOD V2 - KODI 18 (UPDATED 17/01/19)
  • Parental controls removed (use profiles and lock mechanism instead)
  • Fix conditional behaviours on movie/tvshow widgets
  • minor adjustments in various dialogs and views

  • optional display of channel logo/number in epg grid implemented
  • Changes in picture widget reversed
  • Including PVR archive & reminder icons (thanks berkhornet)

  • Introducing SACD (DSD) flag
  • minor improvements
is there a version 4 matrix right now downloadable ?

ok -- its in kodi nerds repo
v18 repo is down.. need the zip from skin addon
Just look here: https://github.com/b-jesch/skin.estuary....tion-notes
(2021-06-25, 20:21)jrod10133 Wrote: How can I fix the Miss clicking/clicking by it self on the widgets in Kodi matrix for some reason this bug been on the Kodi 18 ver. Of estuary mod and it still in the matrix ver.
Same problem here. When i select a movie from a concrete movie addon, it opens the same movie multiples times. Any fix?
Thnak you
I am not aware of this behavior. Possibly this is due to the addon? See also here: https://github.com/b-jesch/skin.estuary.modv2/issues/17
That is exact!  Thank you.  Hopeful someone else have this problem and could fix it.
Does anyone know how to just have the rating show next to the movie title instead of the rating and release year?  Also, it seems like some of the actors names don't appear below their picture.  When you hover over them, their name appears above the picture instead.  as soon as you move the mouse away, the name disappears from above the actor photo and doesn't display under it either.  hover over a different actor, and then the actor name appears under the original actor.
First, this is skin dependend and needs skills to change some code of a skin view properly. Second, just disable the option "Show media names with widgets names" in the skin settings.
thank you this worked!  Do you know how to set up a widget/node to get all movies in my library to show up instead of the Newly added and Unwatched movies widgets? i know I can just click on the Movies menu item and it will show them all this way but it would be nice to see them right there when Kodi starts up
For your information. For special file name tagging see here: https://github.com/b-jesch/skin.estuary....e-flagging

  • add missing HDR/HDR+/DV labels in video OSD
  • add item counter in list view / extended list view
  • split 3D Labels into 3D.mvc, 3D.sbs and 3D.tab (needs file name tagging like: .3d.mvc., .3d.sbs., .3d.tab., .3d.)

  • expand label size of options label (was cutted)
  • seasonal colored buttons for video-/audio OSD implemented

  • another Bug in PVR artwork service fixed
  • revert mosaic wall views and widget view for musicvideos if poster view for widget was not choosen
  • move addon widget "German Telecast Offers" to the top of PVR widget page
  • addon "Artist Slideshow" to the list of recommended addons added
  • some typos in language files corrected
  • missing language strings in german language file added, unused strings removed
  • make rewind/forward button of player controls visible if a stream is seekable

  • Bug in PVR artwork service fixed

  • Missing mono font added (thanks dshoreman)
  • NL language updated (thanks freaktabnl)
  • services script revised, PVR Artwork Module (script.module.pvr.artwork) version > 1.0.17 needed
The problem also happens with the youtube addon, the widget starts and after the end it starts twice again.
So if you have banned addons installed like described here: https://github.com/b-jesch/skin.estuary.modv2/issues/17 uninstall them or make a clean install of Kodi. If the behavior still occurs, make an issue on github. Otherwise you have to contact the maintainer of the addon(s).
On Kodi 19.3 (sorry, this thread says Kodi 18 but I can't find a separate thread for 19), where can I enable/disable background animations? It's December 24 and I'm happy enough with the seasonal Christmas background but would prefer not to have the falling snow or Santa's sleigh trundling across the bottom of the screen. Sorry if this has been asked before, and I love this mod - this may be the only custom skin that I will actually stick with.

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