[REQUEST] Dedicated forum for "Scrobblers" development?
There is already a dedicated forum for development discussion of metadata scrapers here:


How about a dedicated forum for scrobbler development like for Last.FM, Libre.fm, Trakt.tv, ShareThe.TV, Flixster, Synopsi.TV, Flixster, and GetGlue?

Reason is it would be cool if Kodi could get more scrobblers for other similar tracking services.

Would be very nice if Team Kodi could encurage creation or new scrobbler addons for Kodi, and not only for Music but for Movies and TV Shows as well.

This suggestion is related to requested scrobbling framework integration idea posted here : 130917 (thread)

Deffinition = To publish one's music-listening habits to the Internet via software, in order to track when and how often certain songs are played.

What is scrobbling?


Scrobble - When Last.fm automatically sends the name of each song played by audio player, they call this “scrobbling.”

The application will scrobble your playlist.

Scrobble - A term used by last.fm. Scrobbling involves taking the last songs you played through your media player (eg. iTunes), and filing away the info to improve, and better tailor the songs that are played for you through last.fm. After a number of songs are listened to through your media player of choice, a window from last.fm will appear, listing these songs, and confirming that you wish to scrobble them. The user has the option of de-selecting songs that they do not wish to scrobble or run in hidden-mode to temporary disable scrobbling.

I scrobbled all of my favorite songs today and now last.fm is recommending much better music.

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[REQUEST] Dedicated forum for "Scrobblers" development?00