client-specific actions for opening the recording in a video editor

Would it be possible to use the client-specific actions for open the recording in a video editor like avidemux?

I didn't find a hint where I can create a customized client-specific actions

It would be possible to create a 'client specific action' which does something like this, but you would need to code it into the pvr.mythtv client. There isn't a GUI / config file way of doing this at present as far as I am aware.
Thanks for this clarification! Therefore I'll not follow longer this approach, because otherwise I would have to patch the client after every update and bring the action upstream into the code seems to complicated and furthermore it's a feature which only few people would use..
You might be able to write a standard kodi add-on that does something like this however.
Assuming your recordings are still available via the pvr://recordings/active/Default/MyRecording-xxx.mpg interface in future (I saw something suggesting this might be deprecated in Leia or later), you could browse this path using an 'avidemux' kodi add-in and then run your video editor on the file from there.

It wouldn't be integrated into the PVR recordings screen (unless kodi addons can do that?) but depending on how often you want to do it that might not be an issue. Also, you wouldn't be able to save the results of your editing back to the pvr://recordings/active/.... path (as that is read-only) but you could save the results elsewhere, such as /media/videos :-)
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client-specific actions for opening the recording in a video editor00