Proposal - Improvements to Kodi Android app
(2017-03-17, 13:11)Koying Wrote:
(2017-03-17, 12:31)RockerC Wrote: If they just use the Video4Linux API then you should be able to hack the firmware to add support to all tuners that work with Video4Linux.

... the bottom-line being that Kodi *should* be able to access those tuners via V4L2 as well (pending security issues) which basically puts TIF out of the picture...
Yes and then Kodi would either need a PVR client addon that it iself could access tuners via V4L2 (and as such the PVR client addon would also act as PVR backend too) or you would need a other software running on the same Android TV box can access tuners via V4L2 and act as a PVR backend, which in turn needs PVR client addon for Kodi.

Regardless it would be awesome if you could use Kodi's PVR interface to view broadcast televisions recieved by USB TV-tuners directly attatched to the same Android TV box that Kodi is running on.
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