TV Show Scanning Error "***Don't Add TV Shows With Out Official Premiere Date***
I'm guessing the TVDB scanner got auto updated yesterday or something for Kodi v16?

Because today when scanning my library expecting new TV Shows to be added, I get a bunch of error messages flashing in the progress indicator that say:

"***Don't Add TV Shows With Out Official Premiere Date***"

It seems to be stumbling on Special Episodes (named like TVShow.S00E01.mkv)

When it finds the first one of these, it creates a new TV Show named ***Don't Add TV Shows With Out Official Premiere Date*** and adds that episode to the new show entry, but then seems to stop scanning whatever drive that file was found on because it creates the one entry only and them doesn't find any other new shows or episodes on that drive, although scanning continues on and it seems to find new episodes that are located on other drives in my library, as long as it doesn't stumble on any more of these specials.

Thing is, these special episodes have been in my library for ever (many many years), and in the past, if the scanner didn't find the episode, or didn't find the air-date, presumably it just ignored them and never caused these errors or interruption of scanning like it started today.

I've spent several hours today manually searching through my library for these episodes and going to and checking if the info is there or not, and sure enough a lot of them have no air-date populated, so I've been fixing those as I go at TVDB; also though, a lot of these Specials have been tinkered with over at TVDB by others and numbering etc have changed since I first added them many years ago; and also, many of them are locked so no editing can be done to enter the missing dates.

This is a very time consuming process to manually go and try and fix them all, there are hundreds of these special episodes scattered over a couple of dozen drives, and to be honest, I don't even really care if they are properly populated with air dates, I would just like it if the errors were ignored like they were in the past, and scanning continued without ignoring valid episodes for other TV shows on the same drive.

Can the scanner be reverted to how it was a few days ago to ignore the missing info and errors?

Many thanks
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