Movies are not showing
Hello. I am new to Kodi and have run into a problem with my video content and was hoping someone could provide assistance. I have searched wiki and these forums and haven't found a solution that has worked. I have purchased a new Nividia Shield TV. I am using a 2tb Seagate HDD plugged into the Shield TV. I loaded the HDD with 3 movies to test prior to loading all of my movie content. I followed naming conventions for video files listed on wiki. I have a Kodi install of 17.1. The default skin of confluence.

Kodi recognizes the HDD and I can play the movies by drilling down into the video section or file management. I wanted to add my library and scrap the files. I went to Video --> Files --> my HDD listed automatically (if I browsed my HDD wasn't listed) --> brought up the context menu for my HDD --> set as library -> set up to scrap preferences --> clicked ok -> it scrapped my library and set up a movies folder.

When I back out of videos and go to home screen there is a new Movies section and it shows my 3 movies above it. However when I drill into the movies section no files are located. If I go back to Videos and drill down there is the new Movies folder and it listed above Files - Playlist - Video add-ons. When I drill into the movies folder no movies are shown only the different categories such as genre. If go back to the previous screen and select Files below the Movies folder then I see my HDD listed. If I drill down into the HDD my movies are not listed.

Again, I can play the movies from the home screen but nothing seems to scrap for the files don't show up under the new movie section.

I appreciate any help.

Quote: brought up the context menu for my HDD
I think your problem is with this comment.

I am reading this as you have set the root or the entire disk as the source. This is incorrect.

You should have directories on your HDD, such as Movies, Movies 1, Movies 2, TV Shows, TV Shows 1 TV Shows 2... or whatever naming convention you choose. Within each of those directories will be your movies or TV shows. Each of those entries is the Source. In this example you would have 6 sources each to a particular directory and NOT 1 source being your whole HDD.

You would then setup each Source for Movies or TV Shows, ensure the correct scraper is selected and, depending on your folder structure for Movies, enable Scan Recursively.

If I misunderstood, then try enabling Scan Recursively in the Source setup. You would use Scan Recursively if, for example, you preserved the DVD or BluRay structure of the movie, and the actual movie file is buried a few directories down from the Movie Title folder.
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