Airplay Problems
I'm running into some problems with Airplay (Audio only) and Kodi 17 on Ubuntu.

When I first activate Airplay it starts to advertise it's service on the network and works as expected. After a while though when not actively used or I'm doing something else on the system, Airplay - while still activated in the settings menu - stops advertising. When I try to deactivate/reactivate it in 99% of cases Kodi freezes and has to be killed and restarted. The logs show nothing in regards to airplay whatsoever, I assume because it's a hard crash?. After a Kodi restart Airplay again works as expected until above symptoms kick in again.

So basically there are two questions here:

1) How can I get Airplay to continue advertising on the network?
2) How can I avoid Kodi crashes caused by the Airplay service?

Ubuntu 16.04 LTS
Kodi 17 (latest stable)
Intel NUC (Braswell) HD Graphics 405
Kernel Version: 4.4.14-040414-generic

Grateful for any help on the subject!
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