organising and retrieving info on classical artists/conductors
Today I'm trying to get my 'artists' to appear in proper ship-shape condition on Kodi.

But, I wonder, what should I count as an 'artist' - is this something I have control over, and if so, how?

As with a few others here I have a few classical CDs to make sense of, for example, on one, conductor Valery Gergiev has been identified by Picard as one of the three album artists (along with the composer - Mahler, and orchestra - LSO).

If I'm including all the above under Kodi's 'artists' is this a decision that's just down to personal preference? Does anyone have recommended 'best practice' - e.g. would you recommend separating Gergiev off so he only appears under a 'conductors' node? (I'm happy either way really, I suppose it would be more logical to do this but am interested to hear views)

Also, Gergiev is unfortunately appearing in two places, both incompletely:

- under artists unflatteringly labelled under his musicbrainz ID (87b4252d-314b-4252-9cd3-44c08f3087b6 if anyone's asking)
- under conductors node labelled 'Valery Gergiev', but lacking any kind of bio, fanart, etc, all of which had scraped correctly to the above entry.

I should mention that I've created a NFO for the album and replaced the musicbrainz code with 'Valery Gergiev', however it seems to make no difference. I don't have 'prefer online sources' enabled.

Any help appreciated!


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organising and retrieving info on classical artists/conductors - by tOM_XB - 2017-05-08, 20:02

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organising and retrieving info on classical artists/conductors0
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