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hardtimes Offline
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Does anyone know if Kodi will interface with a Hauppauge 1950 PVR ,or if one of the listed devices has similar software as the Hauppauge?

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rpcameron Offline
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Kodi doesn't interface with tuner hardware; that is the responsibility of your PVR backend. Kodi talks to the PVR backend, and the PVR backend is the software that is really handling all of the Live TV aspects: tuning, recording, timeshifting, &c.
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sub3 Offline
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hardtimes, you'd typically install a application like NextPVR, and setup your HVR-1950 channels etc in that application, then you can enable the NextPVR addon in Kodi. Kodi will get channel information, and live video streams etc from NextPVR.
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RockerC Offline
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RTFW => PVR (wiki) + PVR_backend (wiki)
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