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(2018-06-26, 19:38)nessus Wrote:
(2018-06-25, 09:40)K0D1User1138 Wrote: And my visible control just doesn't make sense yo me. I'm having a tricky time learning more about stringcompare. ** Just read something about StringCompare going away with Kodi18? If so, now I'm a bit more lost.
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 StringIsEqual does not return the same results of StringCompare in Kodi 17.

It also does not work to get the visible I am trying to figure out functional.

So I'm still trying to sort this out.
Once again the great and powerful Angelinas to the rescue. He provided this string in response to my visible question and I was able to work through it and get everything I wanted to work to work awesomely.


Someone please offer Angelins some extra reputation for the continued assistance and uber knowledge on this topic and I'm sure elsewhere around this community. Truly an awesome person! Thank you again!

(Now to solve my playlist problem!)
Solved my playlist problem (mostly), again, thanks to Angelinas. Seriously everyone just give this amazing contributor reputation because he's fully deserving of it!

Thank you once again, good sir!
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