Remove unathorized addon

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(2017-06-08 23:13)tusubtitulo Wrote:  
(2017-06-08 23:00)ronie Wrote:  the addon has been removed from our repo, as requested.
apologies for any inconvenience this may have caused you.

Thanks for your response. But why still here ?

It's an artifact. Our website takes a while to update after a change to our repo. Should be gone within 24 hours or so.
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please note that the removal of the add-on from our repository won't remove it from Kodi installations already using it, nor will it prevent users to grab the add-on from it's source (the developers Github account f.e.) and install it from there. So if you're experiencing high server load from this add-on or any other technical issues, get in touch with the dev of the add-on.
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