XBMC Vista Sidebar Gadget (also Windows Desktop Gadgets in Windows 7)
Hi, i tried to use this gadget on win7/64/prof/SP1.

it does not find any xbmcs on its own (i am using port 8077 for the API)
when i enter the ip adress in the settings window, the gadget hangs and crashes, or goes back to the grey status.
when i try to recheck the settings, the ipadress is formatted without dots, ie: 19216812
in this state the gadget is very laggy, and closes often.

i tried to manually edit the settings file, but that does not change the behaviour at all.

a very nice gadget, from what i could see.
Can anyone confirm if this gadget works with XBMC v12 or v13?
I believe this was originally written for Eden, or maybe even Dharma, and earlier versions of xbmc, the most current downloads I can find are date stamped from 2010. If this is the case then it will not work with Frodo. The HTTP API has been completely removed in new versions of XBMC and that is what this gadget used.

It could probably be rewritten to use the JSON interface if someone wanted to take the time. If I remember right windows sidebar gadgets are just javascript code.
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XBMC Vista Sidebar Gadget (also Windows Desktop Gadgets in Windows 7)52