Bug -  Ember crashes "Object reference not set to an instance of an object"
(2018-09-30, 17:09)tekwarp Wrote: I have the same issue with movies (all movies).


\\Movies\Memento (2000)\Memento (2000).mkv

I click scrape. It finds the movie with IDMB ID. Click OK, it crashes.
Here's the log:
 =11pt07:52.4=11ptEmberAPI.ModulesManager=11ptEmberAPI.ModulesManager.ScrapeData_Movie=11pt5=11ptTRACE=11pt[ModulesManager] [ScrapeData_Movie] [Start] Z:\Temp\Movies\Memento (2000)\Memento (2000).mp4=11pt07:52.5=11ptEmberAPI.ModulesManager=11ptEmberAPI.ModulesManager.ScrapeData_Movie=11pt5=11ptTRACE=11pt[ModulesManager] [ScrapeData_Movie] [Using] IMDB_Data=11pt07:52.5=11ptScraperModule.IMDB_Data=11ptScraperModule.IMDB_Data.Scraper_Movie=11pt5=11ptTRACE=11pt[IMDB_Data] [Scraper_Movie] [Start]=11pt29:03.5=11ptScraperModule.IMDB_Data=11ptScraperModule.IMDB_Data.Scraper_Movie=11pt5=11ptTRACE=11pt[IMDB_Data] [Scraper_Movie] [Done]=11pt29:03.5=11ptEmberAPI.ModulesManager=11ptEmberAPI.ModulesManager.ScrapeData_Movie=11pt5=11ptTRACE=11pt[ModulesManager] [ScrapeData_Movie] [Using] TMDB_Data=11pt29:03.5=11ptScraperModule.TMDB_Data=11ptScraperModule.TMDB_Data.Scraper_Movie=11pt5=11ptTRACE=11pt[TMDB_Data] [Scraper_Movie] [Start]=11pt29:03.5=11ptEmber_Media_Manager.My.MyApplication=11ptEmber_Media_Manager.My.MyApplication.MyApplication_UnhandledException=11pt1=11ptERROR=11ptscraper.Data.TMDB
Coincidentally I started experiencing this very problem myself just this afternoon. There has been no change in the version of the software, it just all of a sudden decided to start throwing an error message when I would try to scrape new movies. The solution for me was to just move the profiles folder so that a new one could be created I then copied over my video DB file and my kodi interface DB file and everything started working fine again after I reconfigured the settings within ember to my liking.

Hope that helps
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Ember crashes "Object reference not set to an instance of an object"00