Export/Import and local artist art improvements
Some design thinking outloud...

I think it would be nice to never have to try and determine an "artist folder" from the location of the related music files, but what about backwards compatibility?

Think of all those users with an <artist >/<album> music folder layout with (artist level) folder.jpg and artist.nfo files mixed into it. Does the artist folder name always match the artist tags of the music files below it? So I guess Kodi will have to continue to try and find artist folder that way, even if it can export separate folders and files to a nominated location (that does not conatin music files).

But I do worry about the possible mess - some users will end up with artist images and nfo in 2 places, both mixed with music and in the nominated place, and get confused what to edit. Many unable to delete/move on mass without help. Also which takes prriority?

The other design question bothering me at the moment is: when to fetch any local artist artwork?
Current implementation is a bit yuky (even the author said so in a code comment, it was never intended to stay as it is). Some art from the parent folder of the albums get picked up, right or not, during tag scanning. So some local album artist art can appear "by magic" before you scrape. I think it would be more consistent if this was part of the scraping (looking at remote sources and NFO files) phase. But is there any argument for having fetching local thumbs as part of scanning embedded tags?

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