Export/Import and local artist art improvements
Not all music has mbids, but duplicated artist names can only happen if Kodi has mbids for both artists. So we will have an mbid, but I'm not particularly enthusiastic about using in appended to a folder name, so human unfriendly. Your point about not using some other field because it could be missing is valid.

It could be something simple to differentiate the second artist/folder from the first, but it needs to be something that is never in an artist name. Stick "-2" into a Musicbrainz artist search and you will see what I mean.

I am also wondering about using a subfolder for the 2nd artist e.g.
PHP Code:
-<nominated artist additional data path>
John Williams
----------folder.jpg (artist thumb)
----------artist02  (folder)
--------------------folder.jpg (artist thumb)
Like "extrainfo", "folder.jpg" etc. have a specific meaning in this context so does "artist<nn>"

On reloading art from these Kodi will not know which is the alternative "John Williams" needing art from artist02, but at least the right art is easy to find manually. It could look for an accompanying NFO, and check inside to match mbid, but that starts to get complicated.

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