Export/Import and local artist art improvements
Thnking aloud again....

Fetching artist and album art from local files, is it
a) part of scanning (looking at tags embedded in music files and building the library)
b) part of scraping (fetching additional artist and album data from online sources or NFO files)

Now b) when done online provides lists of available remote art, and if you don't have any local art it can use the first of these. That makes sorting out art part of scraping. But if it is local it can have a connection with the music files (also local).

Go on, someone say it, do both. And if you are scan + scrape e.g. "fetch online info on update" enabled, then the question is irrelevent.

It was the "Put it here and it'll then show up" comment that got me thinking. I know it gets well frustrating as a user to change art and have Kodi stubbornly ignore it. Dropping source and re-scanning is a palava if you have just added a few images, but enough of them that manually setting them is tedious. So for new art to show up either "Update Library" will need to look for new images as well as changed music files, or "Query info for all" (user initiated scraping) needs to look at local art too.

Of course "import" needs to allow the user to have dictated in xml what art to use too. And "export" needs to save the current decisions, and optionally artwork

I think it is fair for local art to be given priority, taken as the default when it is found. You can manually chose something else (from the list of remote art) and Kodi will remember, but automatically Kodi will use local if it fines it.

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