Export/Import and local artist art improvements
(2017-09-22, 08:54)DaveBlake Wrote: No worries Marcel, our timing has just been off, neither having time to talk to the other when they do Smile
But it would be good to find a practical way to liase.
Big Grin

(2017-09-22, 08:54)DaveBlake Wrote: I have a todo list, but nothing so sophisticated as Trello, with just me slowly doing the work there was no need!! C++/core changes go at a slower pace than than addons I think. I have tried to make my list public here https://forum.kodi.tv/showthread.php?tid...pid2558589 and to inform people what I am currently doing. And anyone can take a look in my repo of course.

But I am happy to collaborate, and if that means having clearer plans and using tools then sure. Are you ready to get into some C++ yourself?

Well, maybe first start this way, I'll review the code you're working on to get some clue of what's going on and the todolist in the forum post.
If easier we can decide to create some public TODO list in Trello (or alike) later.
Yes, ready to get into some C++ but I'll start with the python scrapers, see what needs improving so I have a goal of what to contribute to the core code. I know for example the artwork and json api for music is very minimal compared to videos so I'd properly start there.

(2017-09-22, 08:54)DaveBlake Wrote: I have done nothing to make the newer data (e.g. Musicbrainz release group id) available to addons. The JSON API needs updating, and whatever route addons use. I would like some input on that.
Sounds like a great project for me ;-)

(2017-09-22, 08:54)DaveBlake Wrote: The work related to this thread includes Kodi having a separate nominated folder for artist nfo and art (not trying to mix them into the music file structure). I think SHS has similar and it would make sense to use the same folder structure. Again what is needed for that? Folder naming based on artist name needs a consistent approach, so should Kodi pass that out to the addon?

Yes, this is exactly the part in SHS that drove me (almost) mad haha.
In the end it turned out that 50% of the users just want their artwork stored in their media folders (including me) while others want a different folder structure to store their artwork/metadata.

I believe there are two use cases here:

1. Regular users, the kind of users that want ease of setup with lesser settings to make.
They probably don't care 1 second of where their artwork/metadata is, if they even want to store that.

2. Power users, the kind of users that want to be in control of each setting and think carefully about their setup, where data is stored.

If it were me, I would make sure that artwork is by default stored in the media folders, this is also very consistent with the other media types.
Besides that, create some settings in the scraper setup for the more advance power users like a custom folder where artwork should be stored and which artwork/metadata to collect.

Imo all this base logic should be in Kodi core and/or the official scrapers and the addons (like SHS and such) are either obsolete or only cover some edge cases that are not needed to target main audience. In anyway I want to get rid of the 100's of python processes running to just provide a part of the puzzle.

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