Export/Import and local artist art improvements
(2017-11-06, 15:13)DaveBlake Wrote: I think it would help to export all items to separate files, with a destination folder completely away from both music sources and Artist Info Folder, and see what you get. Then come back with anything unexpected in the resulting <destination>/<artist name>/<album name> folder layout. Thank you for your enthusiasm.

Not exactly sure I'd refer to myself as enthusiastic regarding this particular issue since the truth is I'm not really too worried about appended folder names......... I mostly just thought it was somewhat odd and in addition to pointing it out, I thought I'd try to find the cause.....mostly just "for fun".  

Anyway, I just got around to playing some more with the albums that couldn't be fixed with tag editing.
I created a test library containing  only artists having "self titled" albums and set my export location to a completely different drive than that of my music source.
The short version of my findings are:

1) With a music source having a Library/Artist/Album folder structure (and with individual tracks all being tagged with a MusicBrainz Album ID) if the artist only has one album it doesn't matter if it's self titled or not - exporting as "separate files" will recreate the folders "correctly"/"as one would expect".  For example - I have one Blind Faith album - that being the self titled album 'Blind Faith' (Did they even ever have more than one? Nevermind, another topic)..... Anyway, It exports fine. However.......

2) With any artist that has more than one album and one is self titled, exporting as separate files will produce:
               <Export root folder>
                               <NOT self titled album name1>
                                <Self titled album name_xxxx>........... where xxxx is the first four characters of what the tags have as the MusicBrainz Album ID
                                <NOT self titled album name2>   etc......
                                <Artist2 Album name1> etc......

Using The Beatles as an example for this one  - with both 'Abbey Road' and 'The Beatles' as album subfolders, 'The Beatles_bdc5' is the folder created during export. Removing 'Abbey Road' from the library, and 'The Beatles' is not appended with _bcd5 

3) Including in the test library an artist that does not "officially" have a self titled album (but has more than one album subfolder) and creating a "faux self titled album" by changing one of the album subfolder names to the artists name, and an _xxxx appended export folder will be created - (regardless of what the tags say the album is called)

In my test I added Bruce Springsteen as the artist and include two album subfolders - 'Born to Run' and 'Blood Brothers'. I renamed the 'Blood Brothers' folder to 'Bruce Springsteen' and the export folders produced were 'Born to Run' and 'Bruce Springsteen_c831'

4) (As previously posted) if any self titled album does not have a MB Album ID no appending occurs..... or maybe one could say it gets appended with a <blank> MBIDHuh?

Anyway, going to move on to checking out the folder.jpg issue.

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