[Kodi 18] Subtitle selection does not work - BUG?
It looks Kodi 18 has problem with subtitles that previous versions did not.

I am using the nightly build with Estuary.
My subtitles are stored with the file (file name + .en.srt)
However Kodi does not recognize them.

Selecting subtitle menu for video, subtitle is disabled.
Download the subtitle, and subtitle is shown.

Stop the video. Start it again, and no subtitles again.

Select the settings for the playing video, -> "Audio and Subtitle Settings"->browse for subtitle. Select it for video. Wait a minute and Kodi crashes.

The configuration for subtitles are:
Language to download english, stored next to video, pause when searching.

Does anybody else has trouble with subtitles

Debug log, please.
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Here is the log.
played one file, downloaded subtitle, stopped playback
played file again, choose subtitle from settings, continue playback, crash


You seem to have installed a couple of extra skins.
If applicable, get back to the basics and make Estuary the active skin and restart Kodi, and reproduce your errors.
Useful pages: Debug log (wiki) || First time user (wiki) || Troubleshooting (wiki) || Free content (wiki) || Forum rules (wiki) || VPN policy (wiki)
I uninstalled every plugin and skin I could.
Same problem.

WIll try to install on a separate computer from scratch.
reinstalling wont help you i think its related to this:
I did not understood the reference.
However I managed to reproduce the problem.

I installed Kodi fresh (removed Roaming/Kodi directory), and found the when Play Next Video automatically enabled, subtitle is not selected.
Disable Play Next and subtitles work.
Enable Play Next and subtitle does not.

I am attaching the debug log


Figured I'd resurect an old Post instead of starting a new one because I'm having the exact same issue. When play next "episode" is selected subtitles don't work the way they're supposed to, pressing T on keyboard or selecting them using the OSD menu. Downloading will display them while the episode is playing but if you stop and come back it's like they don't exist. Selecting play next "TV show" and the subtitles work correctly,

I'm using 18 Beta 5 and Ubuntu 18.04 with Aeon Nox skin, but using the default Kodi skin gives the same results.

I realize this is in the Windows section so please feel free to move my post to the Linux section or anywhere else it should be if you like. I will also post a debug log using the same process as above tomorrow when I get home if that'll help.

Scott -
Main HTPC/Server, Ubuntu 18.04, Leia 18.0 RC.1
ASUS Chromebox, Ubuntu 18.04, Leia 18.0 RC.1, Aeon Nox 5: SiLVO Mod
I encounter the same problem. Installing RC2 Leia version, and subtitles not working.
Reinstalling older Leia version from July 31, and Subtitles are working
Hesitant to upgrade to newer version now, as it took a while to find correct working version. Tried RC 1 RC2 and Beta 5.
Does Beta4 have the problem too?
same problem here. It will be lovely if some can indicate a night build that isn't aftected.
The last Kodi 18 nightly with working subtitles is date 2018-10-27 (kodi-20181027-ace36f69-master-armeabi-v7a.apk), anything newer than this has broken subtitles
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