Loading music video ffrom library in music window
I assume this is part of the general slowness in opening items from library nodes in the Music window, but discussion on that seems focused on songs.

Here I am opening library node Music --> Music Video --> Titles

That results in "scanning media information" progress dialog launching , with notation "Loading media information from files..."  though it appears it actually is accessing MyVideosnnn.db, not any files.  I can cancel out of this, and while I have no way to really compare what is being displayed in the resulting media container, I don't really see what I am missing in the view when I do cancel.  I guess also a cache file is created vdb-*.fi.  Doesn't seem like this cache is then read or used after being created?

More a bother is that when I send via keyboard <i> the "info" action, the movieinformation dialog is launched, and when I close that dialog the "scanning media information" runs again.  But if instead of using the info action, I use the context menu and select "information", again it launches movieinformation dialog, but in this instance when I close the dialog, the "scanning media information" doesn't run.  Also when playing media, after closing FullScreenVideo window and returning to Music window, the "scanning media information" runs again.

Normally I only load music videos from the Videos window, which doesn't display this behavior.  But I have been trying to learn more about the crash that results in MusicPlaylist window when music videos are listed in that window.

The same basic thing happens in MusicPlaylist, and I see that a cache file MusicPlaylist.fi is created.  In Kodi 17 in MusicPlaylist when using keyboard <i> to send info action, songinformation dialog is launched, but if instead context menu --> information is selected, movieinformation dialog is launched.  In Kodi 18 MusicPlaylist, using context menu --> information launches the movieinformation dialog, same as Kodi 17, but sending action info in Kodi 18 crashes Kodi.

scott s.
maintainer of skin  Aeon MQ5 mods for post-Gotham Kodi releases:
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Loading music video ffrom library in music window0
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