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As from subjet I apologize if this question may seems off topic. May be administrators can support me where to put it.
I'm a developer and my target is to make our custom file format available to kodi. For other kind of software I designed
a plugin using an apposite sdk that gives me the skeleton for suppliying to application  metadata and capacity to
decode our format (JPEG2000 4:2:2 field based).  In this case I didn't find something similar. My main interest is
on windows and as far as I figured out Kodi uses directX.  Due to the fact that I developed a directshow filter that
allows WindowsMediaPlayer (for XP) to play our file, may be kodi use it for playing our files ?
Moreover, as far I figured out till now all plugins reports to kodi metadata, but I didn't found an example in which
a plugin gives info on how to decode or how to access frames in a file.  Did I forgot to read some documentation ?
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