Please let me install 17.6 on my Xbox one
(2018-02-06, 22:13)wbeachman Wrote: Possible to access it on dev mode I'm a Xbox developer

Are you using xbox only in dev mode?
Thanks. Will take a look at the kodi file manager.
Ok, I had a look at the files thru kodi file manager. A problem appeared. Many of the folders in the addons_data-folder, where the addons are supposed to be located, are just empty. Like the opensubtitles-addon just has an empty folder. Where is the actual addon then? A few of the addons has the correct content, with xml-files and all, but several are just missing/empty.
You're looking in the wrong place it's the Addons folder directly under the Kodi folder you want


You are going into the userdata folder then addon_data from there.
You are correct. I looked in the profiles-folder, which is the only one that shows up in the file manager when it starts. I thought maybe things were different on the xbox than what I am used to, and there was no access to the kodi-folder. Will have to look again, and see if I can navigate to the kodi-folder.
All you need to do is add the Home folder as the source.

Yup I found it and got it working. Thanks for the pointers Smile opensubtitles back in action. If only h.265 was working properly, this would be golden.
Hi there,

I got a problem with opensubtitles which does not work even when I entered whole proper id and password in settings. Could you help me get this work, please.
@eskimos you give s no information about your hardware, operating system or anything else helpful
My stupid mistake, sorry.
I got Kodi 18 alpha1 on Xbox one s, it worked but after last update it stopped.
I tried to uninstall add-on, installed again, I downloaded zip file directly from GitHub.
Always the same error about problem with add-on look at log file, but where is it on Xbox?

Btw apart of that problem I am very pleased hot it is working well even on alpha stage.
I think it's more an issue with OpenSubtitles than Kodi - have a look at some of the threads in the subtitles support section for more details.
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Opensubtitles is working fine for me. I had to edit the code and hard code the username and password into the addon, because the addon settings for most if not all addons just give me a blank box with some garbage characters. It did last time I tried anyway.
Thx that was the problem. Hope that add-on will be fixed soon as well. In the meantime that workaround in subtitles section works well.

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Please let me install 17.6 on my Xbox one0
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